Open Eye Marketing
How to Guarantee Top Positions in Search Engines
1. Open Eye research how many searches are being made for the keywords and phrases you would like to appear in all the Search Engines.

Key Words

Search Volume – March 05

Somerset Hotel


Hotel in Somerset


Bridgwater Hotel


2. Open Eye bid’ for the keywords which directly informs the position achieved in the search engines when a search is made for the keyword/s. Bidding is as low as 2p per visitor. We also write the text that appears when a search is made. This helps further qualify the visitor. This process is the only way to guarantee position in the search engines.
  3. A searcher enters the keyword/s in all the search engines so that your listing is displayed.  
4. The searcher see’s your listing and clicks on it which sends them to the appropriate page on your web site. It is not until this point you pay the bid price.
5. You get enquiries and sales from highly targeted and qualified site visitors!
Important Aspects to Remember.
  • You pay per visitor
• You control daily spend
• Visitors are qualified
• Visitors from 2p
• Campaigns are flexible e.g. bid seasonally and for different words
• High ROI
• Measurable – we provide monthly traffic reports
• Measurable cost per sale/cost per enquiry
• No set up fee/no obligation to continue past day 1