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Travxml are resellers for Timico providing Broadband services ranging from domestic to specialised high volume business communication services, such as Bonded Broadband, SDSL, 2Mbps Fixed Line connections and KEZone facilities.

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Broadband users need no longer be restricted to the 256k-upload speed of a standard Broadband connection. By bonding two or possibly even more ADSL Broadband lines together users can almost double both their upload and download speed without having to order SDSL or a costly leased line solution.

A standard (ADSL) Broadband connection is ideal for the majority of users as it allows them to download data to their desktop at far higher speeds than a 56k modem dialup. However, when a user requires a high upload speed for transferring information to a website, or passing data from place to other sites, the 256kbps upload speed of ADSL Broadband can be restrictive.

This Bonded Broadband service allows users to join (or ‘bond’) two or more Broadband channels together to almost double not only the download speed, but the upload too. Bonded Broadband also has a 10:1 contention ratio, compared to ADSL at 50:1 and 20:1 contention.

This service is primarily for the seasoned Internet user, SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) provides high power Internet connectivity at the same speed in both directions, unlike ADSL (broadband), which always has a higher download speed than upload.

It has a 10:1 contention ratio and provides an attractive, cost effective alternative to leased lines, with high reliability for your corporate network, making bandwidth symmetry problems a thing of the past. It is ideal for a VPN/WAN or bandwidth intensive data transfers.
The use of private circuit networks to improve communication and integration throughout their business, need no longer only be for large corporations.  An increasing number of medium sized companies are becoming aware that they can also gain a competitive advantage by utilising the same technology. This Fixed line service extends this facility to smaller and medium sized companies who need fast, reliable lines of communication between multiple locations, it also offers facilities to companies that need resilient Internet access covered by professional service level guarantees.
This access service is also ideal for closed groups of users such as business partners, suppliers, branch offices or even home tele-workers. It can be used to install private Inter-networking, or a combination of private networking and super-fast Internet access, and is delivered using a dedicated digital Fixed line, supplied and managed by Timico.
Main Product Advantages
  • Guaranteed 100% reliability*
  • Un-contended connectivity
  • 2Mbps down/upload speed
  • Fully managed router
  • Instant Internet access
  • Instant network emails
  • Flat rate charging - unrestricted
  • Bandwidth usage statistics
  • 24/7/365 status monitoring
  • Excellent service level guarantee
  • Nationwide coverage for one price
  • Fast track 37 day lead-time
  • Includes 4 x ADSL connections

*Product includes four Timico Broadband connections** One must be used to provide resiliance at fixed line site, remaining three can be used at any remoter site office. Cisco router provided for Fixed Line Service includes 1 x ADSL WIC as standard.

** Up to 2Mbps where available. Where 2Mbps is not available, 1Mbps or 512Kbps ADSL connections will be provided.

In today’s fast paced technology driven society a connection to the internet is as vital as a telephone. Business and personal communication now dictates the need for high speed mobile internet connectivity. To this end one in five people over the age of twenty five carry a laptop computer. To these people an internet connection is a vital part of their communications. Having access to the internet on a temporary basis while on the move keeps both business and personal PC users in communication via email, instant messages, video conferencing, and through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), their own private office network.  Click on the KEZone logo to discover how your business can profit from providing that access on your premises.

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